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I like communities.

I've discovered that communities attract trolls.

I learned that trolls sometimes follow you home.

So, now this journal is

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[Edit to add] Hello! Are stopping by to see why the heck I added you? I did some Friend adding today (10/18) just because. Maybe you are on a friends FL or we just had a common interest.

I assume I don't know you IRL. I am not a spambot or serial adder, nor will I try to sell you Amway.

If you are thinking "I know exactly who YOU are and I want you to unfriend me right now!" That's understandable. If you would rather not friend me back, that's cool too.

Welcome to my Journal!


Oct. 7th, 2010 02:10 pm
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Freaking New Moon and it's crazy effect on people!


Oct. 5th, 2010 06:57 pm
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We just found out that Jeff will be going to Disney World from Nov 30th-Dec 3rd. Like I told my mom, Bryan and I have been planning a trip to Disney for freaking years! Ever since I got the Disneyland DVD's.

I have got to figure out a way. Hell, I'll set up a paypal if I gotta. If Jeff goes, we go!
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I've decided that I need to see the Edwina turns 40 episode of Ab Fab before my birthday. It's a Moral Imperative!!!
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I was outside at work today and noticed something that made me wish I had a camera.

I work a block away from the TWA building and can see the rocketship on the roof from behind our building. About a mile away they are building the new music hall. They are working on putting the metal sheets on the roof and we frequently watch the guys walking around on the roof in awe.

Today I didn't feel like talking to anyone on my break, so I hid over by the delivery doors. From that vantage point, the construction cranes and the guys walking around on the roof appear to be on scale with the rocketship, as if the cranes are the launching pad and the roofers are getting on the rocket.

I amused myself with the illusion and wished I had a camera to capture the moment.
The TWA rocket ship w/ a brief history

Scroll down to see a model of the new music hall
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Squirrel attacks biker.

Just so I can find it again.
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We are talking about adding storage to the kitchen and discussing creating a pot rack of some description and I was reminded of a grandma story.

My grandma was married to a guy named Super. Seriously, it was his given name. Grandma tells him that she wants a desk with a file cabinet. Super goes out and finds an antique teachers desk at an auction and buys it for grandma. He takes the desk home and builds a top for it to hold files. He then painstakingly stains both items with the green stain grandma picked.

Once his project was finished, he shows grandma what he has done. She tells him it's great. He goes back in the house to enjoy the feeling of accomplishment. Suddenly, he hears a whacking sound coming from the garage. He goes back out to see grandma whacking the desk and top with a chain.

"What are you doing?" He yells at her.

"I'm distressing it!" She tells him.

Until the day they divorced, he told that story to anyone who complimented the desk.
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Here we go again, gang! Hey, at least I waited until the end of August this year.

Still want the animated books

You've got to check out the movie on this animated witches spell book!

This hovering ghost cracks me up!

Of course I'm eying a few other bobbles. But these are my Top Picks so far this season.
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Sometimes it seems that I never do any of my own posting, but ride purely on the back of [ profile] flemco.

Not that it's going to stop me or anything. Come forth and see what the other side is saying about tax reform

Oh noes! Not raising taxes on people who earn less then $250,000 is going to ruin our country! What? Oh, no. The wealthy shouldn't HAVE to pay taxes at all. 'Cause they EARNED that money on the backs of their underpaid employees and deserve to keep all of it!!

Oops! My bitter is showing. Pardon me.
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I've been will we get the goat to stay still for the make-over? No wait.

My displeasure with my current job and the direction this country is heading has made me ponder an idea. I think that I should go to automotive repair school.

Hear me out. We are moving more towards a serfdom/landlord type country. The religious right and the Rich White Guys are determined to do it. In order to survive, you need a marketable skill. The way this city is set up, everyone needs a car.

So, here we are. All the office jobs suck and pay crap. I'm fairly mechanically inclined and enjoy a challenge. I'm sure the hell not gonna get to do either of those things in a cubical!

Also, someone who can work on engines will make me a hit during the Zombie Apocalypse! (heehee)

No, seriously.

A woman helping other women out with their cars. And guys too, of course, but I think I'll market towards women.


Also...if I help friends and loved ones with their cars, I can use that money to start my bar! HEY!
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Guess what? Last night the Hubby decided that he's 'come around' on the whole bar idea. Yes, almost 2 years 18 months later, he's decided that having our own business may be a good thing after all.

Well, I'm glad he's finally seeing things MY way.
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Phone plays Princess Leia Theme
Husband: Yeah?
Me: Guess where I am and guess what I found.
Husband: You are at Target and you found a Zhu-zhu pet just like the one that was broken and they are still $10.
Me: What do you think?
Husband: Well, I'm not as mad as I would usually be, since it he was trying to take care of it when he broke it. He didn't realize that putting it in water would be bad.
Me: And it won't contribute to the spoil-ation of the Moose?
Husband: No, I think he's learned his lesson.

It Moosey's defense, we did tell him to keep the wheels clean or it wouldn't work anymore. It never occurred to us that he would dunk it in water and it would never occur to Moose Boy that dunking THIS toy in water would break it.
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You know how you never notice how bad something is on you car until it gets fixed? Things like tires, breaks, windshield wipers,etc wear out gradually. You don't really notice these things are wearing out because you adjust to the changes.

We just bought new tires for the Liberty. Dear Gods it's drives like butter now! I knew the tires were worn by looking at them, but damn! What a difference!

We've been running hither and yon all day. We dropped off the Jeep, had breakfast at First Watch. (They've changed the menu extensively.)We went to Sam's Club, Walmart & Target. Moosey was so good the whole time. We agreed to buy him a "Evil" Zhu-zhu.

This is one funny toy! It is seriously cracking me up.

Now to gut the Moose Cave and organize it with his new Big Boy storage.

Step 3

Jul. 29th, 2010 10:28 am
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Well, I have contacted the local bartending school. (There was only one. I swear there used to be a least 3!) I'm waiting for the email about applying and cost.
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Me: Are you going to get dressed for Grandma & Grandpa's house?

Moose Boy: Not yet. I have to Save the Universe!


Morning Drive in our car...

Moose Boy: (unfolds a state map he found in the car door)

Me: Bryan, don't unfold that all the way. The window is down.

Map: Starts to get sucked out the window.

Moose Boy: (Grabs map and stuffs it down on the floor by his feet.)

Moose Boy: Well! That was a bad idea!

OK Gang!

Jul. 23rd, 2010 10:27 am
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Well, I've reached my 'DONE!' point and am looking for another job. Any leads are welcome!
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Last night, I downloaded some Harry Belafonte. That is all.
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Everyone remember that The Hubby bought a folding camp kitchen that, when unfolded, is larger then the kitchen in our first apartment together?

OK, well...he did. And it is HUGE!

The other day we were at the store and I happened to see a 6-piece folding patio set. Next to it were stacked boxes of said set for purchase. Check it out, this six piece folding patio set that includes 4 chairs, a table and an umbrella was all in a box smaller then the one his camp kitchen is in!

I point this out to him. Of course he thinks I want the patio set. Nope, just wanted to point out that a six piece patio set is in a smaller box then his damn camp kitchen.

He still doesn't see why I think that the giant thing is ridiculous.

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Next year some of our friends and us are going to do a theme camp. We decided on Joy Bar so we could be in direct competition with the Hate Bar.

The Hubby decided that "Boobs are the Orbs of Perpetual Joy". He will put this on a sign and wear a button that says "Show me your Joy".

So, I've been trying to come up with my 'Joy'. This morning it hit me, music! It also occurred to me that it would work with the theme too! Then people could bring their I-Pods or whathaveyou to our bar to play. Then I won't have to worry so much about my Mp3 player running out of juice.

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