Aug. 27th, 2010

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I've been will we get the goat to stay still for the make-over? No wait.

My displeasure with my current job and the direction this country is heading has made me ponder an idea. I think that I should go to automotive repair school.

Hear me out. We are moving more towards a serfdom/landlord type country. The religious right and the Rich White Guys are determined to do it. In order to survive, you need a marketable skill. The way this city is set up, everyone needs a car.

So, here we are. All the office jobs suck and pay crap. I'm fairly mechanically inclined and enjoy a challenge. I'm sure the hell not gonna get to do either of those things in a cubical!

Also, someone who can work on engines will make me a hit during the Zombie Apocalypse! (heehee)

No, seriously.

A woman helping other women out with their cars. And guys too, of course, but I think I'll market towards women.


Also...if I help friends and loved ones with their cars, I can use that money to start my bar! HEY!
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Sometimes it seems that I never do any of my own posting, but ride purely on the back of [ profile] flemco.

Not that it's going to stop me or anything. Come forth and see what the other side is saying about tax reform

Oh noes! Not raising taxes on people who earn less then $250,000 is going to ruin our country! What? Oh, no. The wealthy shouldn't HAVE to pay taxes at all. 'Cause they EARNED that money on the backs of their underpaid employees and deserve to keep all of it!!

Oops! My bitter is showing. Pardon me.


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