May. 3rd, 2010

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We had a great time again this year, even though it rained the whole time again.

We were camped across the road from this group of college kids who were quite a source of entertainment. They spent hours on Friday trying to get their fire started, with little success. When everyone else went to check out camp, I stayed at the pop up for a little nap. I wake up to the unmistakable WHOOOSH of gas being thrown on a fire. There was a short pause and the I hear 'Now it's on fire.' That had me giggling so much, I just got up and joined my group.

Later that night they acquired a blow torch. Yes, amusing but thankfully far enough away to keep us out of the fray.

There were far fewer 'come in and hang around' type places then last year, which was kind of disappointing. So, we just sat under the easy up and chatted with folks who ducked in to get out of the rain. It was really very cool. We meet some neat people that way. We also got to hang out with Jackie and Jai. I broke out the music and Jackie and I spent a few amusing minutes playing "Name that Tune".

As soon as Cher's Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves came on, the shelter cleared out. We pried ourselves up and did another loop of the campground to check out all the night-time entertainment offered by our fellow campers. One of the soundcamps had a Tardis for the entrance! I meant to go back and take a picture of it during the day, but forgot. :(

To be continued...
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On Saturday, after a morning of sitting on our butts, our pals went up to registration and the Hubby and I set up our Tarot cards.

That was really pretty cool. We read for about 30 people. We had only intended to read from 1-3, but ended reading until about 4. I did some interesting readings too. One of the readings I did was jumbled, so I gave the cards back to the gal and told her to shuffle again. When I put down the first card and said 'Your question is about (whatever)' she gasped out loud and really started paying attention.

Another guy had a 'final outcome' that was 'bound'. I asked if he would like for me to put some more cards on that to elaborate and he smiled and said 'No, thank you'. After he left, I guessed that he was planning on proposing to someone. Aww!

Another was very curious about the 'woman from the past'. He had me lay down some more cards. When I read them, he smiled at me and said 'I know exactly who you are talking about.' Another had to give me a hug, he was so happy.

It was really very nice and a neat way to meet people.

After we put everything away, more people kept coming up and wanting a reading. Apparently word had gotten around.

That night was the burn...
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It had been raining all day and towards the end of the day we got some lightning. After trudging our asses the 1/4 mile to the effigy (if it wasn't a half mile, it was damn close!) we were stopped by Safety. Turns out some dumb ass had dropped a shit-load of acid (AGAINST THE RULES!) and they had to call in an ambulance and since there were illegal substances, a bunch of cops.

Great, you stupid fuck. You've really helped the rep of the fest with the town. Dumb shit.

Anyhew, we managed to find some local folks we knew and trudged back a few camps and watched the 'other' fire tribe. While there, some folks were getting it on in the big ass RV. While we were standing there, someone turned on one of the lights inside the RV and lit up the unintentional live sex show.

We found out that they had canceled the fire spinning show due to lightening. Sucked, but we can understand why. They finally announced the start of the burn, so back up we went. So, we stood in the cold rain for almost an hour. We amused ourselves by passing out Blackberry Whips.

After a while, they started the burn. It didn't catch. They tried some more. It caught a little. They threw on some white gas containers. It started burning a little better. Random fireworks caught, but the effigy was still burning quite slowly. We figure they didn't protect the timber from the rain.

After about 45 minutes of standing on the side of a hill in the cold, wet rain. We figured this could go on a while longer and we should just head back to camp. We stopped at a abandoned golf cart and watched from a distance as some more fireworks went off into the crowd.

Not a good burn, I would say. By the time we got back to camp, the hubby had to pull my rain boots off. My feet were too swollen.

It was really beautiful, don't get me wrong. Just bad planning. I did take a whole roll of film of the thing, so it must have been somewhat good.

Next Sunday, Sunday Sunday!


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